From Ten Down To Three by George Roberts | Book Review | KaterinaReads

The sad reality of… well reality.

This book really takes a problem that is well represented in Hollywood movies… I say well represented but it’s only stage one of an issue that we have yet to see the depths of and really explores just the reality of having illnesses like a brain tumour.

Now, I may seem a little insensitive here but I never really liked the way books that explores illnesses much, books like The Fault in our Stars and Everything Everything. I mean sure, it outlines the illness and the main protagonist usually just lets the illness take over their life. And in return, a love interest takes an interest in the protagonist and makes them fall in love – make them believe that life is worth living. And sure, that is beautiful and the main character usually have little to no time at all to live.

But this book brings something new, it takes life experiences and life experiences and piles them all together. The book starts off well, you get a good idea of who the main character is and what kind of lifestyle he had before the novel begins. The book is then extremely fast paced, in the next page you get to experience the first symptom of the brain tumour and it all continues on.

The one thing I realised about this book was that it brings out the reality in fiction, and although as a British citizen I am grateful that we have the NHS and GPs. It is sometimes not enough. We see James experience going to the GP and being told that there should be nothing wrong with him, perhaps an allergy or something minor as my GP would always say. Now they usually always are, and I know that the NHS is underfunded by the British Government but I really do wish that GPs would go more into depth when diagnosing illnesses… (My mum had went into the GP recently about her eyes hurting/itching. Her GP had told her it may only be an eyelash in her eye. When my mum went to A&E it turned out that her eye was infected.)

And then it covers his family life, how his operation had affected his life and not only his but his family. We see that it takes people different amounts of time for people to adjust, even though they call it a “minor operation”. It explores different factors of life, LOVE, HEALTH, ACCIDENTS and many other incidences as well.

The main reason why I liked this book over ones like Everything Everything or TFIOS was because the protagonist found his own way over his illness. We know for a fact that LOVE does not solve everything and in this incident it helped him towards a happy life. It also questions everything about fate. It had been a whilst since I’ve wondered why thing happens.

In the end, I really loved this book.

So I gave it a 4.5 out of 5 stars.


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