#TheInfernalFebruary | Bookstagram Challenges

Hello, everyone!

So, a few months ago me and my thirteen hosted a bookstagram challenge and it went really well! I really enjoyed looking at all of the images of the people who had participated in the challenge.

For the upcoming month, me and another group of buddies had planned to make an ‘The Infernal Devices’ related challenge as we are doing a read-along of the books in the upcoming months! If you would like to participate make sure you use the tag #TheInfernalFebruary!

So here’s the challenge:


Day 1 – Clockwork Angel (TBR): Your “To Be Read” list.

Day 2 – Will, Jem & Tessa (Dream Team To Take into Battle): Your fictional squad you could take into battle.

Day 3 – Never trust a duck (Bookish Pet Peeves): Just what you hate in a book.

Day 4 – Parabatai (Bookish best friend): Dedicate this post to the person that makes you life not mundane – your bookstagram best friend!

Day 5 – Magnus Bane (books & glitter): I mean, don’t you just want to be fabulouuuuuuuuus?

Day 6 – Jem Carstais (character that made your heart melt): Not literally, but dedicate this post to a character you just adore.

Day 7 – Wessa or Jess (Book Otp): To ship or not to ship?

Day 8 – Runes (Create your own runes): Draw out your favourite runes or make your own!

Day 9 – Clockwork Angel (Bookish Merch): Do you own any merch? If so, show it off!

Day 10 – Charlotte Branwell (Best Fictional Leader): I mean, it’s quite straight forward, but WHO RUNS THE WORLD?

Day 11 – Who’s Your Parabatai? (Favourite Bookstagrammers): Slightly different to day 4, the feeling may not be mutual but which are some of your favourite Bookstram accounts? Tag them!

Day 12 – Shadowhunter or Downworlder: Post a book with a Nephilim (or Angels) and Downworlders (this could be anything)

Day 13 – Mortmain (Favourite Villain): I mean, we all like evil sometimes right?

Day 14 – Will Herondale (Bookish Boyfriend): OR GIRLFRIEND, but Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Day 15 – Gabriel & Cecily (unexpected ships): Like yikes, I didn’t see that coming

Day 16 – Character Inspired Picture: Do you ever just want to cosplay? Or do you just have a scenery that just reminds you of a character? Post it!

Day 17 – Seraph Blades (Choose your weapons): So, are you more of a gun or blade person?

Day 18 – Ragnor Fell (Favourite Downworlder):

Day 19 – Gideon Lightwood (Favourite Shadowhunters): Looks like we have to see who everyone likes

Day 20 – Before & After the Bridge (Fave Bookish Scenes): Isn’t there scenes in a book where you’re just like yaaaaaaaas slayz? Tell us!

Day 21 – Jade Necklace: Your favourite necklace or jewellery! We would love to see!

Day 22 – Jessamine Lovelace (Character you hated but eventually liked): 

Day 23 – Nate Gray: Character who betrayed you

Day 24 – Thomas Tanner (favourite side character)

Day 25 – Fancast the characters! – This could be based on the tv show or movie.

Day 26 – Sofie Collins: character you wish you saw more of

Day 27: “Life is a book”: Favourite bookish quotes!

Day 28: Fabruary Wrap Up!

So that’s basically all of the days explained! If there is any issue, or questions that you would like to ask don’t hesitate! Me and the rest of the crew are more than happy to help!

But make sure you use #TheInfernalFebruary in your posts so we can see them!


Happy reading,
-Katerina 👸🏻⚔

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