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Hello, everyone!

So I am currently post-exam season, I only had two exams, one of them was 1 hour 40 minutes and the other was 5 hours long. And I know what you are all thinking? “Like seriously Katerina? You only have two exams and you was unable to post throughout the two weeks?”.

Okay, maybe I am not the right person to give these tips and advice but you know what they say, no one obeys the advice they give other people. 

Despite having only 2 exams, I did have loads of deadlines.

I had coursework due twice during this time (at least 20 pages of writing), an updated sketchbook (which is looking pretty empty), an art essay that I have not done,  an EPQ draft (which I had to spend a long ass time researching for), my personal statement for my UCAS application and to fill and pay for my UCAS application.

And between all of this, I had to schedule in my work, extra homework that was given, language studies, online courses for Fashion and Kickstarter, go to University Open Days and events and fit in sleep and spending time with family.

This is what school has done to me, even without the exams.

I have a really hard time dealing with stress, my face begins growing the Night Court Mountains, I have not been able to watch my diet properly, my exercise schedule is a mess, and my sleep schedule is messed up – I lost count on a number of times I had to pull an all-nighter to get some work done.

But what I realised is: I get easily distracted.

So here are some tips and apps/methods that can help you (which has actually helped me):

  1. Forest App 


This app (which was introduced to me by @flickofapage on bookstagram) has literally changed the game. I am now no longer distracted by my phone or laptop anymore. I do disappear for hours at a time which worry my friends a lot but this app is really helpful.

Unfortunately: there is a £1.49 fee that you have to pay to purchase the app from the App store.

BUT: it is really helpful and you can help trees grow in real life when you have earned enough coins!

(I am not sponsored or supported by this business at all – this is from my own opinion and am sharing this as I believe that this technique works).

Download: IOS | Google Play | Google Chrome


2. Having a monthly calendar 

So before I found out what a bullet journal was, I came across calendars that you were able to print online for FREE! (Some of them anyways) I mean they’re practically everywhere! And I found that they are the most useful – especially whne you don’t have enough money to buy a bullet journal.

I found that having a visual of all your deadlines and exams on a calendar is really helpful on deciding what piece of work you are doing that night – it creates a sense of organisation in your daily life and it eases you a little when you are working under pressure.

Just type into your Pinterest/Tumblr/Google: “Monthly Calendar (Year) Printables”, there are loads to chose from!

The ones I use are by Sarah Titus! Her blog is amazing for saving money and becoming more organised! So make sure you check out her blog!

Sarah Titus 2017 Calendar


Sarah Titus’Blog | 2017 Calendar


3. Schedule a pampering (a “YOU”) night! 

I’m not going to lie, I love being pampered. I love the feeling of peeling off a face mask and feel my baby smooth skin! Actually, I think it is important to have a YOU night! Whether it is to put on a face mask, take a hot soothing bath or to simply just binge watch a TV Show. I mean, you do it! You deserve to have a break – so, try to log off social media for the night, pick up a book, and run yourself a hot bath cause even if your schedule is hectic you will have something to look forward to.

My “Me Time” is on a Friday night, I get home, take a hot shower (cause some people are on a water bill budget), change into some comfortable pyjamas, put on a lovely face mask (or 3 – actually I do my weekly beauty routine during a Friday night) and I binge watch tv, read a book or just sleep.

It is well deserved, it’s the beginning and the only day you can really relax. So make sure you schedule one in! Even if it is for an hour or two.

4. Starting a Bullet Journal!

So I haven’t officially started my Bullet Journal yet, but I have bought a Moleskin hardback, squared notebook to start my Journal, and so far it’s going well! I like the way it has turned out and I feel as though it will really help me become more organised for the new year and dealing with University (if I get in oml).

At the beginning of your journal, you should set yourself goals for the year and it should be easy – set realistic goals and group them: health, fitness, education etc. It should really help to get a growing mindset when going into your tasks.

What you want to have, also, is a monthly and weekly section in your bullet journal that guides your day. Literally write down all the stuff that you have to do – and any deadlines that you may have during the week!

I will be posting a “Bullet with me” series on this blog and on my Youtube channel so check it out!

5. And last of all…

Don’t leave everything to the last minute – set yourself a timetable!

Set yourself a timetable, have you planner ready, and work in advance! Rushing everything at the last minute will only increase your stress and will really affect your lifestyle. You can find many apps online that will help you set a timetable, or, use Microsoft word to create yourself a timetable and print it out! (Or when in doubt, you can look online, like mentioned before Sarah Titus has really good posts on trying to get more organised)!

But good luck everyone! I hope you all get through any rough patches through life and I hope this blog post has helped you get your busy schedule – and Happy New Year. May the new year treat you nicely!

Good luck, 
-Katerina 👸🏻⚔

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A special thanks to Sarah Titus for letting me use her image in this blog post!


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