BOOK REVIEW| Time Warper: Fated (A Sage Hannigan Novel Book 1)

Okay, so I read this book purely because I wanted to read something that wasn’t Sarah J. Maas or Cassandra Clare, nothing that was too mainstream anyways. So I was looking through my kindle books (which I have to admit most was given to me for free, please comment if you want me to make a post on how to get free ebooks and to enter some amazing giveaways).

And then I came across this book, there was a few things that made me pick up this book. Firstly, I am typically someone that judged a book by its cover, and the cover for this book – well it wasn’t exactly breathtaking but it wasn’t too scrappy either. Secondly, I’ve never read a book with a time warper in it, okay, maybe I have, but that wasn’t the main focus of the book and I was curious to see where the book would take me. Thirdly, I love books that have historical context in it *cough* I was kicked off my history course in school but we’ll just let that slide *cough*, so when I saw the book was travelling back in time I was like: YES. WE’RE GOING ON AN ADVENTURE. And lastly, like I said, I really wanted to read something that wasn’t “New York Times Bestseller Author” or “Best YA Novel” cause you know, you can’t discriminate against the social status of a book.

So eh, just a quick SPOILER ALERT WARNING 🚨⚠️️I will be going through everything I thought about the book, what pissed me off, who I ship, who is a historical spice etc – so you was warned.

So, in Twilight (I know, I know, why is this girl talking about Twilight? I have one simple reason.) I was very very Team Edward, I wrote “Katie Bella Cullen” in my school journal and actually got in trouble for it, but that’s a story for another time. I, eh, I’m team Vampire in this book too. I mean, I LOVE THE THOUGHT OF VAMPIRES EEK, they’re sexy, mysterious, and oh my life, as good looking as they get. When two of my favourite things come together: historic settings + vampire = heaven on earth, but not literally obviously. But I ship Soren and Sage so much, omg omg, Sorage. YAS. SLAYING. Cause, like, Soren is actually so down to earth (and closer to hell) which I loveeeeee. I love someone with a personality that has a great flirtatious personality. It actually makes my heart flatter way more than I’d like to admit. But seriously, I’m down to be a mistress of Soren any day, sir, I’m here if you need me.


The other dude, on the other hand, oh gosh I’ve even forgotten his name: the doctor dude… Dr Blake, apparently. He’s such a mundane guy, like okay, his scar might be very Anakin Skywalker (screw you allie), but still, mundane.
When I first picked up the book, oh goodness, I nearly threw my kindle out of the window because the first few chapters were written for like a 3 year old. I felt so stupid whilst reading it, but after a while, maybe I just got into the book, but it was like why? Why make me feel so dumb? I know that I am already just let me be. Actually, it put me off the book for a really long time because of how stupid it made me feel, but I picked it up with an open mind and here I am writing a review about how much I loved it. I mean don’t get me wrong, the plot and twist = MINDBLOWING! The characters = Sexy, Intimidating, somewhat annoying (Sage was really really irritating) but that’s how we know a book is good – when a character starts to annoy you. But the way it was written wasn’t consistent, so it was barely bearable.
In the book, there were hints of fighting, personally, I LOVE books with some sort of kick-ass scene but this wasn’t enough. There were only two or so major scenes, and even then it was brief, the first was the training between Sage and Dr Blake, when she first warped out of his grasp. The second, was when she had to fight with bitch-ass-mother-fucker Elaine, like BITCH THAT TWIST WAS WOAH! I had my suspicions but I thought it was Dr Blake! I was so so so so certain it was someone on the inside but for it to be Elaine? God damn girl power. I’m so glad she died though, she was nerve wrecking. But all the other fight scenes were like, “hey… I have this power, I’ll just tie and punch someone while I have the advantage.” So technically speaking, not a fight scene.

But, here are some of my favourite quotes:
—“We all want to be remembered, to be loved, and to be missed when we are gone.”
—“You are going to get yourself killed, pulling those kinds of stunts,” he whispered loudly as I sat down, “but you looked bloody sexy doing it.”
—and a man with gold-rimmed eyes turned and winked at me. Soren. (Hot guys that wink makes me melt, it’s hot, sorry)

So overall, I think I had to give the book a 3.5 Stars out of 5 (4 on Goodreads)!

Happy reading,
-Katerina 👸🏻

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