The Bookstagram Thirteen’s November Challenge!

Hello Everyone!


So, I am part of a group on Instagram called the Bookstagram Thirteen, and as a group we decided to make a monthly challenge that is unique, fun and pretty easy to keep up with. Make sure you use the tag #NovemberThirteenChallenge and make sure you tag us as we’re picking some accounts that post really unique images after every week of the month!

So, here’s the challenge:

November book challenge.jpg

Day 1 – TBR: Your “To Be Read” list!

Day 2 – Death Day: A character you wish was dead.

Day 3 – Power to you: A power that a book character has that you want.

Day 4 – Looks like Fall: An autumn color themed picture!

Day 5 – Calanmai: (Based on actoar and the celebration of bonfire night) Take an image of a bonfire/fireworks!

Day 6 – Bookish Maps: Let’s travel the fictional world with out fictional maps.

Day 7 – Totes Crazy: Your favorite book & a cute tote bag!

Day 8 – Bram’s Birthday: The author of Dracula, so obviously you have to chose your fave vampire!

Day 9 – Pastel Books: I mean, it says it all!

Day 10 – Musical Books: A song that reminds you of a book!

Day 11 – Freaky Friday Challenge: A character you would want to swap lives with for the day!

Day 12 – Book Rainbow: Somewhere over the rainbow!

Day 13 – An Act of Kindness: A character that possess a big heart.

Day 14 – Favorite Under-Rated Book: Don’t you just have a book that no one else talks about?

Day 15 – Trope Books: How cliche omg?!

Day 16 – Favourite Fictional Battle Scene: THIS IS SPARTA 

Day 17 – Lovers, Haters: A character you love but everyone hates.

Day 18 – Fantastic Beasts: In celebration of J.K Rowling. What is your favorite fictional beast?

Day 19 – National Adoption Day: Favorite fictional parents!

Day 20 – Children’s Day: Favorite fictional child.

Day 21 – World Television Day: A book you’d love to see as a movie/television program!

Day 22 –  Open Books: (Try not to crack the spine please) But lets get reading!

Day 23 – Book In The Air: So you thought love was in the air? It is after your book takes the air!

Day 24 – Thanksgiving: A book/author you’re thankful for!

Day 25 – Black Friday: Hello Darklings.

Day 26 – What Color Does Your Blood Run?: From Throne of Glass series, what clan do you belong in? Blackbeak, Yellowlegs Blueblood, let us know through the theme of your image!

Day 27 – Shelfie: Better get the bookshelves organised (I definitely need to).

Day 28 – Favorite Fall Release: Best Fall released book!

Day 29 – Fall Haul: Books you’ve bought this month!

Day 30 – Wrap Up: Show us what you’ve read this wonderful month!

So that’s the monthly challenge explained; if you still have any questions feel free to hit up any of the members of the thirteen which you can find on my Instagram Account! I really hope you all will take part in this and please don’t feel pressured into having to upload every day! As mentioned before, we tried to make this challenge easy so you are able to complete it! And if you are taking part, please use the #NovemberThirteenChallenge so we can see your wonderful images.

Happy Reading!

– Katerina x


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